NorthRidge Christian Academy Update

An open letter from NorthRidge Church:


Earlier this year, NorthRidge Church, the parent organization of NorthRidge Christian Academy, decided that it would cease funding the Academy due to the ongoing deficits over the last 5 years thus allowing the Academy to reorganize as a separate entity.  At that time, the Academy leadership formed a new school board with hopes of gathering funding from other sources.  The school board has been diligent in their efforts, albeit the funding was not able to be secured.  Therefore, last night (May 31, 2015) the Board of NorthRidge Church along with the Finance Team and Pastoral Staff was informed of the following . . .


NorthRidge Christian Academy will not open for school next fall as we had planned and hoped. This decision was made after the newly formed school board for NCA gathered information and determined that the potential for opening the school in the fall will not be possible due to the initial startup cost as well as other operating cost for the school year.  The school board will continue to meet throughout next year in the anticipation of establishing a new school in the Haines City community starting in the fall of 2016.


The school staff was informed by a meeting of the staff as they arrived this morning (June 1, 2015) and parents were notified this morning via an email from Principal Butler and every effort has been made today by both the Academy and Church staff to assist parents with questions and concerns.  Since we have fielded questions today from parents to community leaders who had heard about this decision, we thought it best to communicate as soon as possible so that we might squelch rumors and that you would be informed as quickly as possible.


Please be assured that NorthRidge Christian Preschool will continue to operate for 1 year olds through 4 Year Olds along with the Summer Camp and Afterschool Bus Pick Up ministries.  This ministry has remained financially sound and will continue to provide quality child care needs for the Haines City community.


We ask that our NorthRidge family pray for our parents, students, and staff as this transition will be difficult to navigate through.  Yet, we remember that Paul told us that “with God all things are possible.”  Our day has been spent attempting to assist the families of the 110  children of NorthRidge Christian Academy in finding the “next step” in their educational endeavors.  It is our commitment to continue the process and to undergird our staff and their families with as much support as possible in securing new positions of employment.