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These are the items that your student will need to have before school begins. These lists have been carefully picked by each teacher to help your student succeed in their academic year.

Hurricane Matthew Schedule

STORM UPDATED SCHEDULE: Thursday 10/5/2016 – **No Senior Adult Luncheon **Church Office CLOSED **Preschool CLOSED… **ALL CAMPUS CLOSED Friday 10/6/16 – **Church Office CLOSED **Preschool CLOSED **ALL CAMPUS CLOSED We anticipate having regularly scheduled Church services and Preschool on Sunday and Monday. If there are any delays due to power outages we will do our […]

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NorthRidge Christian Academy Update

An open letter from NorthRidge Church:   Earlier this year, NorthRidge Church, the parent organization of NorthRidge Christian Academy, decided that it would cease funding the Academy due to the ongoing deficits over the last 5 years thus allowing the Academy to reorganize as a separate entity.  At that time, the Academy leadership formed a […]

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