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  1. Cassandra -

    " was an artillery officer who served with the Confederate cavalry under J.E.B. Stuart during the American Civil War. Dubbed "The Gallant Pelham" for his military prowess and personal courage, Pelham revolutionized the usage of light artillery as a mobile arm of the caruavy.&qlot;It is also a pseudonym used by Hunter Wallace, AKA Prozium.

  2. Snowy -

    Fred,You are asking the wrong question. Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno was already in Mexico when Christie left for FL this past Sunday. The question you and others should ask is why did Christie leave the state on Sunday, with a pending blizzard, knowing his back-up was already out of the country, let alone out of the steh?eWtatevar the answer, it speaks of pure negligence on the part of Chris Christie.

  3. Marlien -

    Hi Karh.tina.a. I have created a link for your blog on mine and told everyone about your wonderful blog candy. I still am struggling creating links on my blog roll. I check your blog out daily and i love it. Please will you enter me for your yummy candy ? lis-m 🙂

  4. Gerry -

    æ‚æ¦ç½¨‰“擾稍稍說兩點一、有åå冤獄跟是否廢除死刑是兩回事情一、贊成廢除死刑的人都沒有正面回¥­”過的這個問題"If bad people hurt someone you love, how far would you go to hurt them back?"

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    By Hope Rolls October 13, 2010 – 4:02 pmHey i was just wondering if i could come liek once a week after shcool or on the weekends and help out with anything?? i live in Granada Hills. Ca…. i love to help childeren…. i am in the 7th grade and go to villsge christian schools i am 12 if i can help please email me back and tell me some more ifo! Sincerely , Hope Rolls

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    Il est rare que je commente sur des blogues pour la simple et unique raison que, la majorité du temps, ceux-ci sont innondés de commentaires et que le nôtre passe souvent inapercu. Toutefois, il est a noté que toute ce que je lis, je l’intègre en général dans la vie de tout les jours si cela peut ou non m’apporter un + !

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    Hey, you're getting wild and crazy! A new post and it isn't midnight yet!! We like coffee and tea both. And I tried some Chai once and didn't like it. It was out of a box that I made up. But I guess I need to give it another try. One thing I've read is that recent studies show that if you put milk in your tea, it does not have the good benefits for your health anymore. It kind of defeats all those chemicals in there.

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    I went into the store on Wednesday morning November 7th to purchase some uniforms. I was greeted warmly and I expalined what I wanted and sales rep, worked very hard to find my fit. Since i am very tall, he showed and explained to me what will work best for me and stayed within my budget. I ended up spending $120 and I love everything i bought. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

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    Hola José Ignacio,Pues en Argentina no tengo ni idea de si las venden. Yo vivo en Francia y aquí si las venden, aunque sólo en tiendas especializadas en ese tipo de bicis. Si haces una búsqueda en Google encontrarás precios, marcas y si allá las tienen… pero te adelanto que son bastante más caras que las “normales”, cuenta de 1.500 euros para arriba…Saludos

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    I don’t think this is particularly true. The Left is generally made up of a debauched Gentry which preaches libertinism for them, and deprivation for everyone else.For example, Roman Polanski, who drugged and sexually assaulted a 13 year old, is considered a hero. Worthy of honors by all the Gentry.Meanwhile, for a working class white guy to find a woman attractive is a case for the vapors.In both cases what is important is the status and social standing of the man, not the act.

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    Haha Nik, too true ;)I know quite a few Brits who've moved to NZ, I don't know if it's just the people I know or not, but they all complain bitterly about how hard they find it making friends here, how they hadn't realised they had it so good back in the UK as far as convenience, shopping etc, and they feel that NZ is marketed as this gorgeous green place and feel let down when this proves not to be the case so much. Personally, I just think they're whinging poms 😉

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    RE: SwordsSo, would Renaissance-era "mall ninjas" have carried actual Japanese swords?If blogs had existed five centuries ago, what would have been the equivalent of "1911 v. Glock"?And would somebody have tried to put Picatinny rails on his bastard sword?

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    Lucy,Thanks for posting my comments for me. Although we live in an IT age, it sometimes fails. Looking forward to your next post about this.MarcD: Completely agree that now is the time to get non-profits and social enterprises out of the corner and into the mainstream. The media is picking up on this, finally. Business Week had a recent calling for America’s social entrepreneurs and they are going to run an article in April or May. Thanks for the information on Entrepreneur Commons; will research.KristenTwitter: @10PerSolution

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    Wow, this is crazy! I thought I was nuts with the PVC and everytime I moved my neck down I would get PVC, wow! I will have to look into this, I’ll keep you posted on what I find out. Thanks for the information, I actually have a 7 day heart monitor just got it today. My stupid pacemaker is not picking up on my PVC and my daughter was telling me I make no sense what I’m describing to him. After the echo the saw the stupid PVC and now they believe me. I’m so freaking upset about him not believing

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    One thing to consider also with PCs is that they are very sensitive to RFI (EMI). Brushed motors cause a lot of RFI noise in comparison to brushless motors. Floppy drives used a flat brushless design while earlier similar type drives (early 5.25″ and 8″ floppies) used a brushed type. As far as I know, all motors in modern computers (personal, servers, super, etc) use only brushless types of motors for any part that uses an electric motor.

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    ENI – FTSEMIB – ISPFaccio compagnia a Mir : comprato long ENI sul gap down. Stop stretto e partecipo probabilmente all’atto finale di questo segnale. E’ vero che l’indice sta calando da tre giorni, ma l’attacco short premeditato non è ancora arrivato e forse non arriva. Si tratta di indecisione. Se parte si va verso 17000. Altrimenti stop loss corretto e si aspetta.Continuo la mia campagna “adotta un’azione” : le mie 100 (cento) ISP comprate in fondo al baratro a 0,8910 sono sempre nel cassetto. Hanno visto anche + 50% , ma le tengo. Simbolicamente. Buon trading a tutti.☆

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    he was up and coming & doing things that had never been done in “the biz.” I like partying but here in Greensboro, or just “the ro” as we call it there aren’t Crazy Clubs like that “dusk.” We have inferno on elm and i wish Arthur would come down & kill it “Kade style” in that place. Anyway, it dosent seem like he’s gotton much done With the acting or done much changing of any sorts but he def would fit right in down here as far as “partying goes.”db

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    Obama will NEVER meet the Constitutional requirements for natural born citizenship.By his own admission his father was not a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth and even if he had been born on the White Lawn on the Fourth of July, he can never meet the criteria of being the child of TWO U.S. citizen parents.It’s time to get over the place of his birth and move on to GETTING this FRAUD OUT OF OFFICE!!

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    October 9, 2012 You got that right Jason! I wish more people would think to themselves: If THEY own their lives or their companies they work for do. I hope that if they thought about that seriously that they really may start to think about making necessary changes in their lives.And yeah, that whole vacation scenario really use to tick me off! BIG TIME!Again, sorry for the late response

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    Your claim was that government was using its superior power to wipe out all business and personal initiative, steal all that we have, and then kill us or treat us ad slaves.At the same time you think that government, all its practitioners and anyone who supports it is incompetent and corrupt.My observation is that if the second is true, we need not worry about the first, which history shows is not very successful anyway.How is that a word game?

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    means to promote the insurance policies. This means that it has never been simpler for car proprietors to compare car guarantee costs.Next time you’re looking for an extended car guarantee offer, make certain that you take a appear at the costs provided online.You may well discover that you are in a position to save a considerable amount of cash.

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    Sirkis disse:Saudações Rafael!Qualquer avião armado e com tanque subalar é uma árvore de natal em um radar. Imagine um Rafale com aqueles dois tanques gigantes, mísseis e aquele probe para fora. O F-15 com dois tanques e seus mísseis. Até um F-22 com dois tanques subalares aparece na hora no radar, desde que esteja no seu alcance.Quando o avião detectar o F-15, os F-22 já estarão indo para o ataque. Ou pior, quando o avião detectar o F-15 em poucos segundos ele vai tomar um AIM-120 no meio da fuça.Boa Tarde!

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    It’s funny how you mention the whole teaser trailer thing as I was just thinking last night that I’m tired of seeing awesome movie trailers, but then checking the release date and realising that I still have to wait another 5 months, by which time I’ve forgotten or can’t be bothered because I’ve heard too much by then.Too much teasing! Brad Pitt will surely make this movie okay, I’ve never seen a bad Brad Pitt movie yet.

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    I think everyone in this world are guilty of all the traits you described here. Some realise it and some don't. Some learn to be themselves while the other hypocrites judge away (doing the same thing themselves).Lets face it, everyone wants attention! The person who goes up to someone saying "You want attention" himself wants attention from you and for you to say "You know me better than myself!"

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    A.) Outsourcing is one of the mechanisms that maintain the law of one price, like free trade, low transportation costs, and peace.B.) Outsourcing is one of the mechanisms that impede the law of one price, like trade barriers, high transportation costs, and war.C.) Outsourcing causes the law of one price; the transfer of jobs to unskilled foreign workers allows them to become “equal” workers through learning by doing.

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    I have read all the above but I have not tried it…yet. When I create an encrypted disc image I always use the character palette to add a few unusual characters in the password. My question is: will John the Ripper be able to crack such a password? Or is it almost uncrackable although it is only 8 characters long? I want to include these characters in my login password. Is there a way of accessing the character palette when I log in in order to pick the characters I have used in my password. This is great site! What is discussed here will never be discussed in the A forum. Thanks.

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    Thanks very much for all your comments and positive feedback. Umer and Rohit, you are both very right about the fact that in general it should be about quality versus quantity of followers for Twitter. On the one hand, you want people to follow you who are truly interested in what you are offering; however, there is also a benefit of having a large quantity of followers that are also active, as they have the power to retweet your posts and help with visibility. It’s about striking a balance.Glad to see these suggestions resonate with people. Thanks,David Price

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    We have adult male chimps in zoos who will, if they take a mind to, rip off your face and more. Lions, tigers, polar bears, are routinely displayed in zoos.In some strange, enchanted way, “the terrorists” are much more deadly. With the one-two punch of Allah and magic carpets, there is nothing they can’t do to to invade our minds and homes. Yes, I get down on my knees and thank FOX news every day for keeping me safe from “the terrists”.

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    songül diyor ki:ya bu konulara hepsine birden nasıl çalışacağız bu yıl biraz daha kolay yapsalar ne olurdu ya düzenli çalışan bir insan bile strese giriyo bu sınavlar yüzünden bize biraz acıyın yaaa ne olacaktı ne olacaktı konuyu kısaltın bari vicdansızlarrr geleceğimizi düşünerek hareket etseler çok iiiyi olurr

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    Hi dee hi, We’ve frequented your web-site a lot of occasions. I heard about it because of my spouse. I decided to submit a comment. My wife and I like laughs; hence I contemplated sharing a great joke with you not to mention your traffic. Wife: There’s something preying on my mind. Husband: Don’t worry, it’ll soon die of starvation.

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    Hej Birgitte,Hvor er det flot med dit vægttab! Nu kender jeg ikke Dukan-kuren særlig godt, men jeg går ud fra, at der nok er andre forudsætninger i den kur, der gør, at det ikke er nødvendigt for dig at spise bønner eller linser. Bønner og linser er kulhydrater og kulhydrater hjælper din krop med at udnytte din kost ordentligt mht fedt og proteiner.Hilsen Sanne

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    Mnie podoba się pomysł Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt Polskazwiązana z rozszerzenie zakresu dozwolonego użytku prywatnego powinno obejmować każdy przypadek użytku niekomercyjnego przez osobę fizyczną (prywatną).Jednak to żeby było fair powinno wiązać się z dotatkową opłatą podobną do taj za telewizję na rzecz twórców

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